Call for Papers / Abstracts Solution


Post a call for papers on your conference website, blast out emails to the right people and get started the right way


Your presenters, speakers & authors submit their proposals online through your own customized submission form

Peer Review

Create your own review form & questionnaire and assign a panel of reviewers to comment, score, and make recommendations for your submissions

Accept Submissions

Using the information gathered during peer-review, the committee can assign submissions into final categories and send acceptance/rejection notifications to each submitter

Program Module/Schedule Builder

Create your conference schedule using our program creation tools, and slot in all your accepted submissions into place. Then watch your conference program come to life online.


Keep in touch and personalize messages with targeted groups of speakers using the communication module


Create your own customized speaker, submissions, & review reports in seconds


Output your proceedings with a mobile app, website, flash drive or printed media
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