Submission Review

Peer Review

For all academic (scientific, medical, engineering) and other technical conferences submitted papers must be reviewed by an appointed panel of experts. With our intuitive and time saving submission review system, you can either individually or batch assign your submissions to the appropriate reviewers. Assign submissions to reviewers individually, by track, or randomly assign each abstract to as many reviewers as you’d like.

Auto Assignment Wizard

Our automatic assignment review wizard allows conference planners to randomly assign thousands of reviewers to abstracts with only a few clicks. Assign reviewers globally across all conference topics, or assign reviewers by topic. All you have to do is select the number of reviews you want to assign to each submission, and the system will automatically & randomly assign the submissions to reviewers in your system. 

Additional Information

Customized Review Questionnaires

  • Unlimited review form questions  (text box, textarea, radio, checkbox, drop downs)

  • Create emails that will be automatically sent to reviewers upon assignment of abstracts

  • Make changes to your review form from the admin panel at any point

Review Features

  • Blind Review - Choose which abstract or contact feilds are to be displayed to your reviewer
  • Reviewers log in to reviewer portal to view a list of the submissions that were assigned to them 

  • Reviewer may update review at any time prior to the review site closing

  • Mobile friendly review questionairres

Admin Features

  • Open and close the review site whenever needed

  • Create unlimited number of final statuses
  • Assign or un-assign reviewers to specific abstracts

  • Create final statuses in the system which can be assigned to a specific abstract based on the completed review

  • Send batch final status emails to authors after final status is decided

  • Create custom review reports and download clean data reports to excel in seconds

Add-On Features

  • Mass batch assignment of reviewers to abstracts for conferences with 1000+ submissions
  • In the event conference has a defined "Track Field" ability to assign Track chairs. Track chairs have access to view all reviewers and reviews of abstracts in the assigned Track.

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