The Ancient Office Enviornment

In every industry in the global workforce there are companies that adapt, push forward, and break new grounds, and there are companies that resist change and maintain the status quo - no matter how outdated and inefficient their operations are. Change can be scary and yes, change can be painful too. If your company is resisting change and measures that need to be taken to improve workplace efficiency and success maybe this article will spark something within you or a superior. 

When making any change, ample research and due diligence is essential. The worst thing you can do (aside from resisting change forever) is making a big switch, be it technological or otherwise, and it going south. This can be for a variety of reasons; adoption, training, not the right solution, price etc. So rule #1 before making any decision on any workforce change is: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Conference planners, association management companies, universities, not-for-profits - everyone can benefit by using a single database to manage their events. One database to manage membership dues, event registration, and all speaker submissions is the starting point. So many companies and organization use 2,3, sometimes 10 different software vendors to manage each piece of their event. By managing all your conference/event/member needs in one central place is the first, and biggest change a company can make to improve workplace efficiency. 

Change can be scary, but change might be what you need...

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