Author Invite Response System and RSVP's

After you collect your speaker proposals and abstracts, and your review committee has given their input, it's time to let your authors and speakers know if they've been accepted to the conference or not. This is all great, until you invite speakers, and they sit on their invitations.... and you schedule them into your program. Maybe you don't formally hear from them until 3 weeks before the conference and your programs have already been set, shared and even printed. 

This is the case with most speaker management systems, and until now, there hasn't been a very good reponse system for your speakers to easily let you know if they will be attending your conference. 

Speaker RSVP (Admin)Admin View of Speaker RSVP's

You can set the system to notify you as the administrator of each time a speaker declines or comments on their RSVP. 

Speaker Home View of Current Abstract Including "Invitation Response" Button

Customized RSVP Form

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