Attendance Tracking

Do you need a more streamlined and automated way to track session attendance in order for your delegates to earn their continuing education credits?

  • Gain not only valuable insight into which sessions your delegates attend, but automate and track your continuing education credits with the Attendee Tracking tool. 
  • Scan attendees badges outside of your session rooms. Once an attendee is scanned into a session room, the session evaluation will be automatically made available to them to complete. Without being scanned into a session, the delegate cannot access the session evaluation. 
  • Once an attendee scans into a session room and completes the session evaluation, they can claim the continuing education credits associated with that specific session and build up the CE transcript.
  • After the conference, have your delegates complete an overall conference evaluation, and give them access to download their own personalized CE transcript and certificate. 
  • Tracking and verifying attendance has never been more streamlined. Give your delegates an easy-to-use system for claiming their valuable CE credits, and take the manual labor out of the equation. 

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