Give your members more than just a conference or event app

Mobile apps are clearly the present, and future of many leading edge products. There are almost as many cell-phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on this earth (7 billion). This trend holds very true in the event industry, and specifically within the academic conference & association industries. 

Although at many scientific, medical, and engineering conferences, some delegates still prefer using pen paper to take notes, it is undeniable that with todays technology conference mobile apps allow associations and conference planners the ability to do more, sell more and save more than ever before. For more information on this view our blog post From paper to mobile - taking the mobile jump for your conference or association. 

This past year saw great advancements in mobile app usage and functionality, but almost all mobile app companies still have a substantial set of drawbacks. We wanted to provide our clients and their associations with something more than just an event app. Something that would give members a central hub for all their association needs. In the past this has mainly only been possible online on an association website behind a secured member login area. Once logged in you can see all your membership information, pay your dues, see upcoming events, register for conferences, submit proposals, review submissions, view colleagues/other members via member directory and much more. We wanted to adapt with the times. What if you could do all of this from a branded association mobile app. An app that doesn't get deleted after the conference ends. An app that last's year after year, that can be updated on the fly, that is connected in real time to your member database, registration list, abstract modules, and all of your programs and events that you create. 

Allowing your members such an app that can be used across all of your events, year-over-year, to not only browse conference related information, but membership information is where we see the future of the academic conference & association mobile app industry going. So we took it into our own hands to lead the industry in providing not only a full-cycle conference and association management software platform, but the platform at your fingertips as well. 

Such granular and targeted sponsorship and advertising opportunities lend itself almost automatically to such a product. In such a way that we hope you can sell much more sponsorship space in your association app than it costs you altogether. Lower the your overall cost of printed materials, advance your product, and increase your sponsorship revenue along the way. 

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