From paper to mobile - taking the jump for your conference or association

But your members don't want to use an mobile app. They refuse to use a mobile app. They don't have cell phones.... We know. We've heard it all before, and many academic associations are comprised of older professors, doctors, scientists and researchers who are not, well, the most tech-savvy bunch. 

It is inevitable for the next 10-20 years, there will be a small population sample who simply would prefer not to use a mobile app. The same way there will always be people who prefer to read a paperback novel as opposed to an E-reader. There are however ways to please everyone and save money on your bottom line. 

Let's say you have 500 active members in your association for the purposes of this example. You expect 500 attendees at your annual conference. 100 of those members are over the age of 60, their eyes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be, and they understandably prefer to use a pen and paper to take notes in their printed program. Instead of printing 500 programs at $20 per book ($10,000 for printing alone), ask on your registration form whether they prefer a printed program. If they prefer print as opposed to a mobile app, print them a book. In our experience you could easily reduce your printing costs by 80%-90% by having your attendees opt into printed programs. 

Next is finding the right mobile app for you. One that is highly functional, feature rich, and is able to clearly house and display all of your program information. Let's be honest, at an academic or research focused conference, your delegates, doctors, scientists, researches and students are (or should be) more interested in the scientific programme than the Twitter or Instagram feed of croissants and chocolate chip muffins served at the coffee break. 

The right mobile app, which can be updated on the fly, used to communicate important news and announcements, and most importantly give a clear, simple and feature rich program is what most event app companies should strive for.

Allowing your members such an app that can be used across all of your events, year-over-year, to not only browse conference related information, but membership information is where we see the future of the academic conference & association mobile app industry going. So we took it into our own hands to lead the industry in providing not only a full-cycle conference and association management software platform, but the platform at your fingertips as well. 

Such granular and targeted sponsorship and advertising opportunities lend itself almost automatically to such a product. In such a way that we hope you can sell much more sponsorship space in your association app than it costs you altogether. Lower the your overall cost of printed materials, advance your product, and increase your sponsorship revenue along the way. 

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