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Traditional Apps

Traditional mobile apps require you to export your program data (abstracts, speakers, sessions, rooms, days, times, moderators etc.) into a formatted import provided by the mobile app company. This is fine and dandy if your conference schedule is written in stone, and nothing is going to change no matter what. But, the reality is, that life happens. Flights get delayed, people get sick, and schedules change last minute.

The Problem

When life happens, and your conference program needs to be juggled around a month, week, day or hours before your conference, you need to let everyone know. You need to update your mobile app, which may require manipulation or updating that pesky spreadsheet. You need to update your online program on your conference website somewhere else. You might even have electronic signage outside your session rooms that needs to be changed. This creates redundancy. Manually updating data in several places. This doesn't have to be the case. 

The Solution

One central program to change if need be - which automatically pushes updates to all of your "program outputs". Mobile app, online program, session displays/signage, and printed program material (as long as it hasn't been printed yet). With X-CD's program module, you get one central hub to manage your entire technical program, sessions, speakers, abstracts, time slots, program tracks, moderators, speaker conflict and much more. The program module is directly connected to your conference mobile app - build your program - and your app builds itself. 

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