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You can easily get away with creating basic inexpensive online forms to collect your conference speaker submissions; the problem with doing this is managing and organizing that data. If you are only collecting 20-50 abstracts or submissions, you can probably get by, if you are collecting 50, 200, or 1,000+ submissions in multiple languages however, you are going to soon find out you've got a big problem. 

One of the main problems with collecting submissions with two separate (unrelated) forms in various languages is that the forms and more specifically the fields within each respective form don't relate to one another. This makes pulling reports, communicating with authors and co-authors and reviewing your submissions a disconnected mess. What you need is a proper submission system - or dual language form. This will allow for Field A (let's call it "Objectives") to match with Field A in another language. With the X-CD system, when building out your submission form, you can match your english "Objectives" field with a Spanish form, for instance, and call that corresponding field "Objetivos". Now you will be able to pull reports, with both the english and Spanish results, and you can communicate with all submitters who submitted certain objectives for instance. 

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Another important reason to use a proper dual-language abstract management system is for taking both sets of your submissions in different languages, and assigning them to reviewers within the same system. This will allow you to compare both your english and Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese etc. submissions side by side on the same integrated scoring system. 

Lastly, the two sets of submissions can be accepted or rejected together, and then scheduled into an integrated program/agenda. You can even display the dual language submissions in your online program or integrated conference mobile app. 

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