Peer Review Assignment Wizard

The peer review assignment wizard is one of our super cool time savers we have built into our conference management system. So, you aren't sure how wizardry works... we'll explain.... 

Randomly Assigning Abstracts to Reviewers

If you don't have a complicated assignment process, its easy. You can randomly assign all abstracts within a certain track to your assigned reviewers. You simply have to set a # of Reviews Per Submission and set a MAX # of Assignments per Person.  The wizard does the rest of the work. It runs a script and automatically assigns the abstracts in the track to your reviewers. 

Complex Assignment Logic

Did you think we really thought it was going to be that simple? Well, we wish it was, but we know it often isn't... For more complex conferences that require certain reviewers only review certain abstracts in a specific track, langauge, or from submitters from a specific state, chapter or region, we've got that figured out too. 

  1. Create a "reviewer sign up form" and solicit a call for reviewers. This allows you to start organizing your reviewers, which will eventually be used to run a script against your abstracts. 
  2. Once your submissions are collected, we will link the reviewer signup form to your assignment wizard. This is where we can create a custom script and make sure that all the right reviewers get the appropriate abstracts to review. 
  3. Repeat this step for each conference track/topic that abstracts were submitted into. 
  4. Celebrate. Your abstracts have been assigned. 

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