Individual Membership

Manage your membership, dues, reporting, communications and renewals through the same platform you use to manage your events. Whether you are an association of 200 members or 20,000 members, we have a solution to meet your budget and needs.

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Member Application

  • Collect all information from your prospective members (CVs, endorsements, schooling/practice information etc.)
  • Assign a panel of judges to review the membership applications - and decide whether to accept or deny applicants
  • Payment can be taken during the application phase, or later during dues payment
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  • One login/profile for membership, registration, speaker portal, review and more
  • Sell membership as a step of event registration
  • Allow members to join/renew at the same time as registering for your events
  • While joining or renewing allow members to purchase subscriptions to journals, society merchandise and more.
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Membership Analytics

  • A visually intuitive dashboard empowers membership administrators to effortlessly create reports and uncover valuable membership insights.
  • Simplified reporting functionality eliminates the need for complex queries, making it easy to find precise data for informed decision-making within the society.
  • Access to comprehensive data facilitates improved communication and service provision to members, ensuring their needs are met effectively.
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  • Create unique directories made up of various groups of contacts from your system
  • Member directories or specific groups of members i.e Board Members, National Secretaries, Education Committee Members etc
  • Dynamic directories will update/reflect as groups change
  • No need to manually update directories/lists on your website
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Continuous Renewal

  • The users credit card will be securely (PCI Compliant) stored in a vault, only to be accessed again at the time of renewal
  • Credit card/membership will be automatically renewed at the time of membership expiration
  • Increase your renewal rates and avoid member attrition with this small but powerful member incentive

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X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences. Manage all aspects of your complex membership and conference management processes though a single cohesive platform.

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