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New Hotkey Added: [LoginLinkToModule]

Posted by: Grant

 [LoginLinkToModule] for attendee/form/abstract modules - which can be used in a mass email to to generate a distinct link in the email for each user that they can click and go directly to that module's first screen.

Cross-Module Financial Reporting

Posted by: Grant

Now you can look at a complete financial overview of your organization across all of your financial revenue streams. 

New Contact Import Tool

Posted by: Grant

A new and flexible way to import contacts and members using custom contact fields and virtually no restrictions. 

Keep your conference data safe and sound

Posted by: Grant

You spend months and months planning your conference. Marketing, managing your speakers, abstracts, planning your program, managing registration, printing badges, and the list goes on and on. Keep all that data safe and accessible for... EVER!

Author Invite Response System and RSVP's

Posted by: Chase

A proper RSVP system to help you track your accepted speakers attendance. 

A mobile app that's so much more than just a mobile app

Posted by: Chris

Have you ever wished your mobile app could do more? Tired of updating your app, and then having to update your online and printed program? Well, here is the answer. 

Use your resources to your advantage with the Track Chair Module

Posted by: Corey

A single software platform for you association AND conferences

Posted by: Grant

Multiple databases + multiple vendors = multiple headaches. Doing it smarter is simple. 

Manage your conference CE credits

Posted by: Grant

Learn the easy way to manage your own confernece CE/CME credits. No need to outsource the process.

Multilingual Conference Submission Software

Posted by: Marty

A look into how properly collecting your speaker submissions with a dual or multi lingual system could save you tons of time down the road.

Peer Review Assignment Wizard

Posted by: Grant

The peer assignment wizard allows you to quicky (really quickly) automatically assign hundreds or thousands of reviews in a matter of seconds. 

Getting started as an X-CD admin

Posted by: Grant

Welcome! We're here to help you succeed as a conference administrator. We know there are a thousand different things to think of when running a conference or association, and the software to do so can get a bit tricky sometimes. The goal of the X-CD admin training series is to first give you an understanding of how the admin system works and once you get more comfortable with it, provide you with super cool and useful advance functionality tutorials to help fly. 

Give your members more than just a conference or event app

Posted by: Chris

An event app is a powerful product to have and utilize at your confernece. But we felt there was more to give to your members and delegates. An app that lasts longer than a few days, weeks or months. One that lasts years and years and gives your members a central hub for all their association needs.

From paper to mobile - taking the jump for your conference or association

Posted by: Grant

Your member demographics don't work for a mobile app. Your members are mostly 50+ and prefer to use pen and paper.... We know! Have a read about how to keep everyone happy and improve your bottom line.

Multi-Language Conference Submission System

Posted by: Grant

 A true multi-language conference submission system allows you to not only collect conference abstracts, panels, workshops and symposia, but allows you for proper integrated management, reporting, communication, review and scheduling as well.

Contact Duplication Prevention

Posted by: Corey

Ever looked at your contact database and see the same person more than once? Painful isn't it. Been advised to start a new database from scratch? Or spent a weekend clearing things out? We have a better solution.

The Ancient Office Enviornment

Posted by: Grant

In every industry in the global workforce there are companies that adapt, push forward, and break new grounds, and there are companies that resist change and maintain the status quo - no matter how outdated and inefficient their operations are. Change can be scary and yes, change can be painful too. If your company is resisting change and measures that need to be taken to improve workplace efficiency and success maybe this article will spark something within you or a superior. 

Welcome to the Conference Management Blog

Posted by: Grant

I give up.  I’ve spent months looking for interesting articles on the conference industry but can’t really find one source that gives me a true and deep understanding of the good, bad and the ugly of conference planning and proper conference management and execution.  So…I am going to start my own.

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