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Hundreds of customers trust X-CD to help manage their in person and virtual conference needs

Associations & Societies

A majority of X-CD’s client base is made up of associations and societies – organizations with a membership base, that run at least one annual event. We work mainly with medical, engineering, and scientific associations – although we also work with a large contingent of events that fall outside this scope. 

Medical & Healthcare

Medical & healthcare related conferences and associations find the X-CD system to be a very strong fit due to the robust academic geared tools; abstract management, disclosure, peer review, and continuing education credits, being well suited for medical conferences. 

Professional Conference Organisers

PCO’s and event professionals trust using X-CD as the backbone of their company’s software for a myriad of reasons. White labelling of the X-CD system to allow for PCOs provide an impressive suite of custom software that looks completely proprietary and built in-house. 


Scientific conferences present unique needs that  basic software tools likely can’t overcome. Scientific characters, journal outputs, rich filtering and searchability and much more.  X-CD has been tailored over the years to not only support, but to thrive with helping large, complex scientific conferences collect, manage, and share their academic content. 


We work with small and large, regional and international associations and societies who look to improve not only their event management, but their day-to-day efficiency. The X-CD system was built to manage your membership database in tandem with your annual, or multiple events or conferences. 

Higher Education

We work with a large number of college and university departments to help them achieve the highest level of success, efficiency and professionalism. A single database for managing high volumes of annual events can help provide an incredible amount of increased efficiency across various event planing departments. 


We are proud to work with so many organizations devoted to helping conserve, protect and sustain the world we all share, and we hope that our software in some ways can help this as well. Our digital solutions continue to save tons of waste each year, and we are excited to continue our digital solutions each year to make the world more green. 


A medical specialty large enough for infinite study and exploration – X-CD is honored to help some of the worlds leading psychological associations with their technology needs. 


We work with global leaders and educations devoted to the study of management. A complex and ever changing industry, with rigorous conference planning, and peer review processes – the X-CD system continues to shine with our management clients and conferences. 


We are lucky to work with some of the worlds smartest minds in helping keep our world clean and safe. X-CD has been helping the nuclear industry run conferences and events since the early 2000’s.

X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences.
Manage all aspects of your complex membership and conference management processes though a single cohesive platform.

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