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Hundreds of customers trust X-CD to help manage their in person and virtual conference needs

Associations & Societies

A majority of X-CD’s client base is made up of associations and societies – organizations with a membership base, that run at least one annual event. We work mainly with medical, engineering, and scientific associations – although we also work with a large contingent of events that fall outside this scope. 

The app is an overwhelming success this year and I cannot believe how many people come up to me and ask me who we use… so kudos to you guys. Having the evaluation set up the way it is this year is so slick and makes my life so much easier for the fact I don’t have to print certificates for everyone.

Trauma Association of Canada

We received over 3,000 abstract submissions…and our users did not experience any technical issues. I am so gratified by your performance, and thankful that we made the right choice by engaging your firm as our partner.

United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology

We had a great meeting and the App was very, very, very well-reviewed by our membership. Some even said that it was the best App they’ve ever seen or used at a conference before. The itinerary builder was outstanding.

Canadian Orthopaedic Association

Medical & Healthcare

Medical & healthcare related conferences and associations find the X-CD system to be a very strong fit due to the robust academic geared tools; abstract management, disclosure, peer review, and continuing education credits, being well suited for medical conferences. 

The X-CD team provided us with a seamless integration of our current tools combined with the robust features they had to offer, providing us with a full and well-rounded solution that met our needs perfectly.

The International Society for the Vulvovaginal Disease

X-CD has been our provider since 2019, and we could not be happier that we made the transition. We like how easy it is for our users to utilize the software, whether that be speakers, attendees or sponsors. We no longer have to use multiple vendors and try to make sure everything is connected properly, with X-CD, we have a “one-stop shop” and can provide our members with one place to find all their conference needs, whether it is online or in the app. X-CD Staff are very responsive, helpful, and always willing to jump on a quick call to trouble shoot and/or find the best options and solutions for us.

Society for Healthcare and Epidemiology of America

Your team is amazing and I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve gotten back because your system is so efficient.

New York State College Health Association

Professional Conference Organisers

PCO’s and event professionals trust using X-CD as the backbone of their company’s software for a myriad of reasons. White labelling of the X-CD system to allow for PCOs provide an impressive suite of custom software that looks completely proprietary and built in-house. 

We have successfully partnered with X-CD for scientific abstract submission for many years. With the switch to virtual/hybrid, we tried a few different virtual platforms, but we have been the happiest with X-CD. Their platform allows us to efficiently deliver high-quality education at a reasonable cost, which is the ultimate goal of our clients.

Custom Management Group


Scientific conferences present unique needs that  basic software tools likely can’t overcome. Scientific characters, journal outputs, rich filtering and searchability and much more.  X-CD has been tailored over the years to not only support, but to thrive with helping large, complex scientific conferences collect, manage, and share their academic content. 

You continue to come through for us time and time again with creative solutions, which provide a positive experience for our members and attendees. We are grateful to the X-CD Technologies team for your dedication to the ISHLT Annual Meeting and appreciate the thoughtful enhancements you continue to make to your offerings.

International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation


We work with small and large, regional and international associations and societies who look to improve not only their event management, but their day-to-day efficiency. The X-CD system was built to manage your membership database in tandem with your annual, or multiple events or conferences. 

As meeting planners, it’s reassuring to work with X-CD because it’s intuitive and easy to use. It has all the modules we need, it’s efficient and performance. We can always count on their support to answer our questions and their customer service to adapt to our needs. We also appreciate the ability the system gives us to manage all aspects of our events ourselves.

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Higher Education

We work with a large number of college and university departments to help them achieve the highest level of success, efficiency and professionalism. A single database for managing high volumes of annual events can help provide an incredible amount of increased efficiency across various event planing departments. 

The support from start to finish was wonderful and the conference went off without a hitch. The platform was easy to navigate and therefore very user friendly. We can't thank X-CD enough for their work in helping us bring this virtual conference to life and would highly recommend them.

Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine's Office of Continuing Professional Development and Medical Education


We are proud to work with so many organizations devoted to helping conserve, protect and sustain the world we all share, and we hope that our software in some ways can help this as well. Our digital solutions continue to save tons of waste each year, and we are excited to continue our digital solutions each year to make the world more green. 

X-CD seamlessly blends the care and customer service of a small company with software and technology solutions that rival even the biggest companies in the industry. Our partnership with X-CD produced two stellar virtual conferences during the pandemic, and they continue to exceed expectations as we shift back to in-person events.

The Wildlife Society


A medical specialty large enough for infinite study and exploration – X-CD is honored to help some of the worlds leading psychological associations with their technology needs. 

MPA was a huge success and a lot of that had to do with X-CD. Thank you guys so much for tireless help and patience with me.

Midwestern Psychological Association


We work with global leaders and educations devoted to the study of management. A complex and ever changing industry, with rigorous conference planning, and peer review processes – the X-CD system continues to shine with our management clients and conferences. 

An integrated solution for academic conferences and smaller events which simplifies every process (submission, review, reporting, programme building, app, contact management, etc.). XCD strives to continuously improve their software and listens clients’ feedback.

European Academy of Management


We are lucky to work with some of the worlds smartest minds in helping keep our world clean and safe. X-CD has been helping the nuclear industry run conferences and events since the early 2000’s.

WMS has used X-CD for 15+ years, and when it came time to covert from a F2F to 100% virtual in 2021, they came through again helping us deliver a professional conference praised by our 1,400+ attendees.

Waste Management Symposia
X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences. Manage all aspects of your complex membership and conference management processes though a single cohesive platform.

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