Association Mentorship

Create Value for Young Members and Purpose for Experienced

A simple, yet impactful addition to your membership offering – match new members with experienced members throughout a year long mentorship program to help the future of your community thrive and excel. 

Solicitation and Matching

Promote Your Program and Create a Call for Mentors and Mentees

Create a call, and solicit members who are interested in your participating in your mentorship program

Task & Goal Management

Help Facilitate Actionable Markers

Create generic tasks to help kickstart goals and actions between your mentors and mentees, or let them create their own goals

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everything is a little bit quicker to setup and manage if you are using X-CD as your AMS, however many clients use the mentorship module as a standalone product and have great results. 

Not too long at all. Really, you just first need to market and communicate the new initiative (if it is new) to your members, and then roll out the signup. From initial build to launch could take as little as 2-4 weeks to launch live. 

Definitely not! Mentorship could last for many years, and likely will. It will likely not always “live” in the X-CD Mentorship module since the goal is for mentors and mentees to foster real, meaningful relationships that grow well beyond a computer screen.

No – but that sure is a nice way to wrap up months of digital mentorship, plus its an extra incentive to draw your members into your annual meeting if they might be on the fence. 

Lots of options!

  1. A “Splash Screen” can load each time the app is opened, which “splashes” in the screen, giving great visibility to key app sponsors. You can set the amount of seconds you want this ad to appear. 
  2. A “Welcome Sponsor Video” that plays in addition to the splash screen – this should be a brief message or plug for a key sponsor . After the user watches it once for the day, they can skip through it each time after. 
  3. Banner ads at the bottom of the app that can link to sponsors websites or landing pages. But don’t worry! If you offer CME’s at your conference and you can’t mix the “church and state” we can restrict any sponsorship information from the entire program! 
  4. There is a fixed ad that can be placed on the left menu when it slides out – this is also very high visibility for your sponsors ($$)

Get creative with your mobile app sponsorship opportunities. Many conferences send our sponsored push notifications on behalf of their key sponsors or exhibitors to keep the companies top of mind before, during, and after the conference, and can help drive traffic to their booths during exhibit hall hours. 

With all of these advertising and sponsorship opportunities, your app should not only be “covered” by your sponsors, but it should even drive revenue if marketed and sold correctly! 

There is not. For small societies, you could few as a handful of pairs, and for large associations, you may have hundreds of annual dyads. The more mentor/mentee dyads, the more impact the program will have. 

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