Submission Module

Collect, manage, review, and schedule all of your speaker content from start to finish. Collect abstracts, papers, disclosures, copyrights, handouts, PowerPoints, and much more

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Abstract Submission

  • Collect speaker proposals on a custom submission form
  • Create a simple, or complex submission form with conditional (display, if) logic
  • Create a customized workflow of data/asset collection
  • Collect abstracts, papers, disclosures, headshots, bios, and after proposals are accepted, collect
  • Digital Posters ,PPTs, handouts, copyrights, videos and more
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Speaker Management

  • Manage your invited speakers, and collect specific data from them
  • Speaker database allows you to track speakers across multiple events
  • Cross Conference conference data e.g conflict of interest, headshots, and bios, - speakers do not need to update profiles for each event
  • One user profile persists across all events, year over year
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Disclosures & Conflict of Interest

  • Collect speaker author, and co-author disclosures
  • Choose who to collect and require disclosures from
  • Custom disclosure/COI form (ACCME)
  • Can be required from primary presenter or all authors
  • Required for all presentations or once per conference
  • Review System allows for committee to review disclosures and flag disclosures of concern
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Secondary Submission Steps

  • Collect specific content from specific speakers and presenters
  • Control step displays based on final status assignments, or by session
  • Only poster presenters will be able to upload posters and oral presenters upload PPTs etc.
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Parent-Child Submission

  • Collect submissions for panels, workshops, symposia, roundtables, or colloquia
  • The organizer of the "parent" can submit a proposal, and invite individuals to their session
  • The individuals presenters "children" can login and manage their own presentation data
  • Parent submission form, and child submission form are fully customized
  • Administrative tools allow for moving children from one parent to another by "orphaning" the child
  • An entire submission (parents and children) can be easily turned into a session in the program
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Speaker Self Recording

  • Speakers can record their presentations (video, audio, and PPT slides) directly from the submission platform with no additional software required
  • Native recording tool works in the users browser
  • Allow your speakers to easily hand over valuable presentation materials which can be seamlessly transitioned into X-CDs virtual platform or LMS

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